© 2017 by Daniel Gilbreath.


A Rising Contemporary Artist

-With a multitude of techniques, bold textures and vibrant colors, Daniel Gilbreath combines it all to create his unique acrylic paintings.

 For more than ten (10) years, Daniel has been perfecting his skills and techniques to bring forth the array of brightly colored works of art in his gallery.


Art is a connection between the piece and the beholder. Though, Daniel, has a connection with the each piece because of his process, he enjoys how each piece connects differently with each person's perspective and life. 

 Bringing beauty and happiness to the world one painting at a time. Daniel wants everyone to be able to enjoy a beautiful work of art in their home with their family.


Daniel also enjoys bringing customer's ideas to life. He often creates custom pieces for his many clients and their special needs. From portraits, abstracts and even landscapes, he can create a unique piece just for you.


"Art is personal. One piece will never mean as much to one as it does to another. People connect with art on an emotional level. Love it or hate it, it's all emotional. That's what I love about it." - Daniel Gilbreath